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Biochemistry IV - Biophysical Chemistry - Prof. Dr. Janosch Hennig

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The Chair of Biochemistry IV is engaged in many areas of research in structural biology relevant to human disease and to our general understanding of basic biological processes around the central dogma of molecular biology.

In our lab we characterise proteins, RNAs and their interaction partners in molecular detail. We apply a variety of molecular biology, biochemical and biophysical methods. Furthermore, we use the entire range of structural biology methods, including solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and small-angle scattering to enable integrative structure modelling of biomolecular complexes. These high-resolution structures are then exploited to obtain functional insights into a diverse set of molecular mechanism: e.g. transcription, translation, the complex life of RNA and antiviral defence.

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An exciting publication has been published in Nature today by the Patil lab at EMBL Heidelberg and University of Cambridge. They show that human gut bacteria bioaccumulate drugs and this will affect drug efficacy depending on the microbiome composition. Biochemistry IV has supported this work with NMR data.

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